We make the restoration process easy. What’s more, we use the very best restoration techniques to ensure optimum results.

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You want happy customers. You need a smooth, easy-to-manage process. We specialize in both.

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Over the past 45 years, FRSTeam by Milto Cleaners has become one of the Midwest’s most trusted names in garment restoration. In the aftermath of fires, floods, and other catastrophic events, we work to restore thousands of household items to their original condition.

We use high-tech garment restoration processes that are far above what typical cleaners can offer. If it can be saved, we’ll save it.

Typically, we work with insurance agencies and contractors. But it’s not uncommon for us to work directly with the affected homeowners. Either way, our role is the same: to restore the items than can be restored, and to let you know which items—if any—can’t.