Yes, it’s really that easy.

Over 45 years in the garment restoration business has taught us that restoring items is only part of the job. Just as important is our turnkey process: From the first contact with the homeowner to the day their belongings are returned, FRSTeam Milto Cleaners handles every detail.

And here’s the best part. If we can’t restore it, we don’t charge for it.

Think all fabric restoration companies are the same? Think again.


There is a difference—and it may be costing you money. FRSTeam by Milto Cleaners’ high tech garment restoration process saves more garments than low-tech cleaners. And we’re a nationally recognized leader in the garment restoration industry.

FRSTeam by Milto Cleaners is a garment restoration specialist.


Our extensive fabric restoration knowledge and expertise allows us to achieve significant cost savings for the insurance industry. Our proven technologies and processes allow us to restore more garments than a “typical” low-tech dry cleaner while handling the unique needs of the insured.

A garment restoration specialist on average saves 33% more than a typical dry cleaner. The more technologically advanced the specialist (cleaning technologies, systems, process…), the more savings can be realized.

FRSTeam by Milto Cleaners reduces total overall claim costs.

For lower overall claim costs, choose FRSTeam by Milto Cleaners. Your total claim will be lower – sometimes by thousands of dollars – because we save more items!

Better Results. Better Investment.

Our extensive restoration knowledge and expertise allows us to achieve significant cost savings for the insurance industry. Thanks to FRSTeam by Milto Cleaners’ proven technologies and processes, our customers see much better results compared to work done by “traditional” dry cleaning operations.

It’s a complicated process. But only for us.

From start to finish, we make it easy. We pair our industry leading cleaning services with a highly detailed inventory and billing system. At FRSTeam by Milto Cleaners, we:

  • Track each item type, color, fabric, pattern, condition, and brand name via barcode tracking system.
  • Detail non-restorable items with our exclusive Non-Salvageable Report (which can also serve as a handy guide in the item replacement process).
  • Generate a detailed billing summary, which expedites the billing process.
  • Provide detailed electronic billing summaries.
  • Ensure all items are accounted for and are ready for delivery using our bar code scanning procedures.
  • Pick up and deliver items room by room, for maximum customer convenience.
  • If we don’t get acceptable results, we don’t charge for our services.