We take steps other dry cleaners don’t. Consequently, we get results they can’t. And while that’s created some tense moments at the annual dry cleaners’ ball, it’s also gained us a legion of loyal customers. Here’s a look at exactly what makes Milto different.

The Freshest Solvents.

We only use freshly distilled and filtered solvents. Clean solvents have optimal cleaning properties and eliminate odors while enhancing the effectiveness of detergents. The competition typically uses the same solvents again and again—that leads to dingy, smelly clothing.

Greener Cleaning.

At Milto, we use the most modern machinery and cleaning solutions. They’re environmentally friendly—without sacrificing effectiveness. In fact, our dry cleaning and wet cleaning equipment is computer controlled for maximum efficiency and has helped reduce dry cleaning fluid consumption by 90% over the last 20 years, as well as water consumption by 50%.

Platinum Shirt Service.

Our specialized process pairs enzyme-based detergents with optical brighteners and pH-balanced detergents for crisper, cleaner shirts. Best of all, this service actually extends the life of your shirts.

Giving Back.

This is our hometown, so we’re happy to give back to the community. We support numerous local charities, schools, sports leagues, and more. We’ve donated cleaning for over 40,000 coats for the United Way’s Operation Bundle Up. We also participate in several prom-dress cleaning charities.

Computerized Barcode Tracking.

We place a unique barcode on every item we clean. Then we log it into our database, along with a description of the item and your personal cleaning preferences. This allows us to precisely track your garments. It also ensures they’ll be ready when and how you need them.

All Natural Starch.

We cook and blend our own starch. It’s optimized for even absorption by the fibers of your clothing. Our process ensures your shirts will have that perfect silky, yet crisp, look and feel. Other cleaners use powdered starch. This can lead to a clumpy, uneven absorption of starch—spotting and discoloration, too.

Premium Packaging.

We use department store hangers, acid-free tissue stuffing, special collar savers, and more. They help your clothes look like they just came from the cleaners, even when they’ve been in your closet for months.

Sanitone Certified Master Dry Cleaner.

We’re the only cleaner in the region that uses Sanitone detergents, conditioners, and optical brighteners—all of which keep your clothes looking better for longer.

Replace Missing Buttons & Free Minor Repairs.

Around here, it’s standard operating procedure to check each and every garment for missing buttons, ripped hems, and the like. If you bring us a garment with a missing or cracked button, we’ll replace it. Free of charge. Same goes for garments in need of minor repairs. It’s all on the house.