Free Pickup & Delivery in 4 Easy Steps


That’s pretty simple. Even for a first step.

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You put dirty items (clothes, pillows, shoes, whatever) in the red Milto bag and place them in your pickup spot. We’ll work with you to establish a good spot. The front door is usually a good spot.


A Milto driver will come to your home or place of business to pick them up, log them into a computerized tracking system, and whisk them away to our cleaning facility.


On your next scheduled service day, your driver will return your items to an agreed-upon location. He’ll also drop off a new red bag for your next load. And thus, the circle of clean continues.

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How much do we love
cleaning your items?

Enough to come to your home or place of business and pick them up—without charging extra.

Milto Cleaners free pickup and delivery service is one of our most popular offerings. And why wouldn’t it be? We come to your place, pick up your dirty items, and then bring them back once they’re clean. In the process, you save time (and maybe a little gas money, too).

At most addresses in Central Indiana, we pick up and deliver twice a week.

Current Pickup & Delivery Customers

Click here to give us a special heads-up about anything you’d like us know. It could be that you have a pickup for us. …Or that there’s a spot or stain on your garment. …Or that your item needs special attention (like alterations, repairs, etc). …Or that you want to change your preference settings or pause your service while you’re out of town. Whatever it is, just let us know and we’ll take care of it.

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