Dry clean only.

(Only at Milto.)

These days, people tend to think of dry cleaning as a generic term for “professional garment care.” But in reality, actual dry cleaning is only one of the many cleaning processes we use.

Specifically, dry cleaning is a method of removing stains and dirt from garments and fabrics by using little or no water. Actually, dry cleaning is not truly “dry.” Solvents (liquids) are in fact used to perform the cleaning, but with little water. Thus the term “dry.”

There are other dry cleaners in the Indianapolis area, but none are like Milto. As a Certified Master Dry Cleaner, we use only Sanitone products and processes. Sanitone gently cleans and revives colors and textures in your clothing. The result is vibrant color, plus a softness that makes clothes feel as good as they look.

Some people think frequent dry cleaning shortens the life of a garment. In reality, it’s just the opposite. Dry cleaning—done properly—extends the life of your clothing.

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