Get Milto Clean.

Day and night.

When you wear a shirt once, you clean it. It’s almost second nature. But what about comforters, cushions, and other items? You use them nearly every day. But chances are, they rarely get a thorough cleaning.

We won’t gross you out with facts and figures about how much dead skin winds up in comforters, sheets, and bedspreads. Instead, we’ll simply suggest you allow us to clean them for you.

Our professional-grade cleaning equipment allows us to get results you simply can’t achieve at home. Because we use only Sanitone products, your items will come back incredibly clean and soft—and that means better sleep.

Area Rugs

Vacuuming is fine for everyday cleaning. But when it comes to deep-down cleaning, rugs need the Milto touch. We’re equipped to clean oriental rugs, mats, and rugs of all kinds.

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