We clean way more than clothes.

Window Treatments

Drapes and curtains are functional, but they’re also part of the design of your home. All the more reason to keep them looking great.

Our unique process cleans, brighten colors, and restores textures for all types of window treatments including intricate swags, jabots, balloon draperies, and cornices. Bring your window treatment to Milto and we’ll keep them looking fantastic.

Our Adjust-a-Drape process is a Milto Cleaners exclusive. We measure the lengths of your draperies before processing, use and a specialized machine to steam and block your drapes back to the same pre-cleaning lengths. No more shrunk drapes. Ever.

Remember, drapes should be cleaned at least every two years in order to achieve their maximum life span.

Area Rugs

Vacuuming is fine for everyday cleaning. But when it comes to deep-down cleaning, rugs need the Milto touch. We’re equipped to clean oriental rugs, mats, and rugs of all kinds.


This is no mere dusting. At Milto, we use a process called “ultrasonic blind cleaning.” It’s fast and incredibly effective, yet gentle on fabric, vinyl, and aluminum blinds.

During the ultrasonic process, sound waves create millions of tiny bubbles that travel at incredibly high speeds through water. The bubbles travel deep into the blinds, then pop. The implosion creates a vacuum that gently lifts dirt away.

There’s no scratching, pitting or other damage usually seen with conventional cleaning methods. Ultrasonic blind cleaning cleans the entire blind—vanes, ladders and cords. It even lubricates the head rail when cleaning.

You’ll be amazed at how different your blinds look when they’re clean. Except for any sun discoloration, they’ll be as bright and clean as the day they were purchased!

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