Genuine leather calls for genuine Milto.

Genuine suede and fur, too.

We’d love to tell you all about our animal hide cleaning process, but we can’t. At least, not until we inspect your item. You see, every piece of animal hide is unique—so are its cleaning needs.

Before we clean your item, we’ll take the time to study its grain, patterns, and patina. Then (and only then) we’ll choose the best method for processing your garment.

Once we’ve determined the best approach, we use specialized cleaning detergents and conditioners to gently remove dirt and soil while leaving the material soft and supple. Where applicable, we’ll also restore the garment’s natural appearance by replenishing the tanning oils and dye that is lost through age and use.

When it comes to leathers, furs, and suedes, our process isn’t the fastest. But it’s the best. And that’s what matters. For these items, one-day service typically isn’t available.

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Because of the nature of leather, suede, and fur cleaning, we get lots (and lots) of questions about it.

Here’s a review of some of the most common questions:

How long will it take to clean my leather jacket?

Our goal is to have all garments processed in 14 days. Items requiring repair may take longer.

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